T-LAB Professional hair care collections based on 97% organic
ingredients, paraben free / SLES-free. All products are formulated
with Unique Natural Complex (UNC) which consists of active organic
ingredients - signature of the Brand:
French Rose Oil; Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Milk,
Orchid Milk, Monoi Milk, Caviar Extract, Sea Collagen,
Cashmere Proteins.

Water, as the main ingredient of any cosmetics, plays a crucial role
in product quality. T-LAB Professional has found that underground
thermal water and Unique Natural Complex combine perfectly
in maintaining natural hair beauty.



Unique Natural Complex (UNC) gently takes care of the hair and enriches it with strength during colouring by ensuring restoration and nourishment at three levels: skin, cortex and cuticle.
Unique Natural Complex (UNC) strengthens hair perfectly and
promotes the retention of moisture, which protects the hair from drying out and gives it softness, smoothness and dazzling shine.
UNC includes active natural components that ensure scalp comfort during colouring process and protect hair reliably.
UNC provides long-lasting brilliant colour, magnificent hair care,
anti-aging effect and intense vitalisation.